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10 Ways to Make Sexual Life Fun

The first method of flirting:

I like people kissing my mouth and licking my ears. My nipples are very sensitive, my buttocks are very sensitive, and my buttocks and thighs are also very sensitive

The second method of flirting:

The particularly sensitive areas are from the ear base to the neck, chest, abdomen, around the genitals, inside the knees, inside the thighs, and toes; my testicles are also very sensitive. Lips may be the most stimulating part of foreplay, and touching each other or French style kissing can make me excited. But I hate someone putting their tongue into my ear or kissing it

The third method of flirting:

If a woman slides her hand over my entire body, blows in my ear, passes her fingers through my hair, kisses my neck, tickles me with her fingertips, grabs my back, and I lie down on my back, murmurs in my ear, and finally inserts her finger, I really love it. But most women can't relax to this extent, or don't even think of this

The fourth method of flirting:

I like the other person kissing and gently stroking my chest - then caressing and massaging my entire body. If the other person knows how to do it, stroking the testicles is also very comfortable, which requires guidance and practice. These areas are very sensitive

The 5th flirting method:

I must admit, I am obsessed with beautiful nails. I enjoy the gentle touch and gentle scratching of my back with my nails

The 6th flirting method:

I like to be kissed, touched, caressed, licked, nibbled, done whatever I like, and anything else that feels comfortable

The 7th flirting method:

Kissing, itching each other, pretending to wrestle, gently tapping, hugging, caressing the whole body - and I like her to caress my nipples with her nails, or let her hang down on top, skimming over me with her nipples. What I love but don't get the most is that the two of them are naked, playing or walking around the house, occasionally playing sex games, and often getting an erection, which brings her orgasm in this situation

The 8th flirting method:

Apart from the caressing of my genitals, I enjoy being passionately kissed and my tongue stuck in my mouth. I enjoy my nipples being sucked until they are firm; I enjoy my testicles being gently bitten and my buttocks being gently caressed. I also enjoy hearing and expressing gentle words, such as I love you, you are beautiful, gentle, and elegant

The 9th flirting method:

I enjoy being caressed on my butt

The 10th flirting method:

There is a very sensitive sexy zone between the testicles and buttocks between my legs. I also enjoy having people kiss my neck, ears, chest, and thighs, along with massage, hugging, and caressing. It is used to stimulate me, endlessly
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