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  • Realistic Chest & Ass

  • Dildos Realistic Chest & Ass Pocket Pussy Masturbation Cup Vibrators Anal Sex Toys Bondage And Fetish Lingeries Sex Machine
  • According to the needs of different body parts, adult product reverse molds can be divided into hip reverse molds, chest reverse molds, and half body reverse molds. Generally, adult product reverse molds will have dual channels or three ways, allowing men to experience deep stimulation and play with more sensitive points, just to give you the most authentic feeling. Sometimes, due to material limitations, the construction of the inverted mold may not be completely designed according to the human body, such as having a genitals underneath the chest, which creates a strong visual effect. According to the different requirements of the internal channel design of the inverted mold, some inverted mold channels for adult products will adopt the anime design that is more exciting than the real channel. The design of the acupoint and the vestibular channel will have more bends, deeper grooves, larger and denser bumps, and stronger stimulation. Men use the inverted mold with a strong sense of tightness that women cannot achieve. It can be said that the inverted mold is an advanced version of women.
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